IEMC Submission Method

Example: What are the steps for uploading works in the competition?

Answer: a. Fill in the registration information and pay the registration fee through the IEMC official WeChat account or the official website to obtain a participation number.
b. Submit the works on the official website of the competition.
c. Each account is limited to submitting a maximum of 3 works, please pay the registration fee separately for each submission.
Please remember your participation number for future inquiries.

For detailed steps on registration and work submission, please refer to the official website (

How many works can each person submit?

Each account is limited to submitting a maximum of 3 works, please pay the registration fee separately for each submission.

If I have multiple works, how do I register and submit them? Do I need to create a separate account and pay a separate registration fee for each work?

Each participant can upload up to three works, and the submission steps are as follows:
a. Register and log in to your account, upload one submission.
b. Continue to log in, select the username, and upload the second submission, and so on.

*Note: Each submission will have a separate participation number and requires a separate payment of the registration fee.



Please pay the fee to this mail account ( on PayPal, and mail us the screenshot of your payment so that we can make sure you have registered.

Issue with Uploading Works

Example 1: I am a participant, and I have already registered an account. I am unable to upload my works on the computer web page. I have tried using different browsers like 360 Browser and Google Chrome, but none of them work.

Example 2: Why am I facing difficulties in uploading my works or unable to upload them?

Answer: Generally, if you are unable to upload your works, it could be due to a network issue. It is recommended to try using a different network. If you still can't upload your works, please send the works, participation number, and password to this email address, and the technical team of the organizing committee will assist you.

Originality of Works

Example 1: I would like to ask if the videos required for the IEMC music scoring category this year must be original? I experimented with electronic music for a silent film clip from 100 years ago. I couldn't find the production company of this film to seek authorization, and I don't know the current copyright status. The film is quite old. Can I still submit it for the competition? Also, is there a file size limit for the video?

Answer: Works should be free of copyright disputes.

Example 2: According to the requirements stated by the legal department of the organizing committee, the videos for the music scoring category must be free of copyright disputes. You can either use the materials provided by the competition or use authorized materials.

Example 3: Does IEMC require works to be original?

Answer: IEMC encourages and supports original works. However, being the first release is not one of the scoring criteria. Nevertheless, the submitted works must ensure there are no copyright disputes.

Example 4: I have released an original piece of music on a music platform. As long as I can provide the project files, can I continue to submit it for the competition?

Answer: As long as the copyrights of the work have not been exclusively granted to others (non-exclusive rights) and there are no copyright dispute issues, you can participate in the competition. The project files are mainly used to prove the originality of the work. Sharing the link to the work is sufficient, and it is not required to verify the copyright ownership of the work.


例1:工程文件如何提交?例1:You are writing that the project file is needed, so what kind of files is suitable? For example, could I submit the link of project file of Cubase as a proof?

Answer: Please upload the project files to any cloud storage service and set the link to have a permanent validity. Then, fill in the corresponding field with the link.

Example 2: What should be included in the production report? Should it focus on the creative process or other content?

Answer: The production report should include, but is not limited to, the following content:
a. The main concept of the work
b. The creative methods used in the work
c. How the theme or production techniques of the work were realized, etc.

Example 3: How can I resubmit my work if there are issues with the previously uploaded version?

Answer: You can re-upload the work to the cloud storage and modify the link in the submission information field.

Award Ceremony
The Relationship Between NCDA and IEMC

According to the competition rules, award-winning works from NCDA (including national and provincial levels) can directly enter the final list of IEMC.