About the Competition

The International Electronic Music Competition (IEMC) was established in 2019 and has successfully held four editions. As the most influential top-tier electronic music event in China, IEMC collaborates deeply with numerous professional institutions and leverages high-quality industry resources. It focuses on the forefront of the international electronic music field, aiming to promote the development and breakthrough of music digital technology, encourage the fusion of art and technology through innovation, and present the latest research results and diverse music styles and creativity in the field.

Since its inception, IEMC has received enthusiastic responses from both domestic and international participants. Every year, it receives numerous outstanding submissions from different regions, including professional music creators, university students, and young music enthusiasts. The submissions encompass a variety of styles and focus on cutting-edge music technology and innovative concepts. Through continuous attention and support for young musicians and technology talents, IEMC has gradually built international influence within the electronic music industry, contributing to shaping the future development direction of electronic music and music technology.

IEMC provides substantial cash prizes and rewards for the winners, and the winning works have the opportunity to be included in a digital album for publishing. During the competition, a series of technical exchanges, artistic exhibitions, lectures, forums, and training activities are organized to discover excellent music works and creativity, explore social promotion and development channels for electronic music, and provide a high-level performance platform for outstanding music works.

Expert Committee

Chen Qiangbin, Jin Fuzai, Du Yun, Xue Xiaoheng, Jin Ping

Competition Format
  1. The submitted works will be evaluated based on the competition track and category.
  2. Preliminary Round: The judges will review all the submitted works and select outstanding works to advance to the finals.
  3. Finals: The judges will evaluate all the shortlisted works (including winners of the NCDA* competition) and rank them based on scores to determine the winning works.

*NCDA refers to the "National College Digital Art Design Competition." Works that have won awards in the NCDA digital music track and are also submitted to IEMC can directly advance to the finals.

Award Categories

The competition winners can receive a cash prize of up to 40,000 RMB* or equivalent professional equipment rewards. (*Specifics are subject to the sponsor's provision.)

[Professional Group]

IEMC Grand Prize
Rewards worth 40,000 RMB or equivalent prizes or cash
First Prize in each of the four tracks
Rewards worth 10,000 RMB or equivalent prizes or cash
Second Prize in each of the four tracks
Rewards worth 5,000 RMB or equivalent prizes or cash
Third Prize in each of the four tracks
Rewards worth 2,000 RMB or equivalent prizes or cash
Excellence Award in each of the four tracks
Rewards worth 1,000 RMB or equivalent prizes or cash

[Youth Group (under 18 years old)]

First Prize, Second Prize, Third Prize in the Youth Group will be awarded based on the participation ratio. Winners will receive certificates and prizes (not categorized by track).